Welcome to my market blog!

This is intended to be a free one-stop resource for due diligence on a number of publicly-traded companies and digital currencies.

Trading has always been a hobby of mine, ever since I can remember. I think that this fascination originated early, perhaps after playing Copp-Clark's board game, "Stock Ticker," as a young kid in the mid 1990s. The game was dubiously simple -- a dice roll determined the price action of: bonds, oil, gold, silver, grain, and "industrials." Monopoly, which was certainly more variable, but lacked the dimension of "gambling," was a close rival to Stock Ticker. Apparently I never have been much of a real-estate guy, and that's why I love watching fast markets, particularly Bulletin Board and QB stocks, so you will find a lot of that on here.

First and foremost, I am interested in Fundamental Analysis, but I will use Technical Analysis as a guide as well. I am by no means a zealot of TA, but I continue to learn from great mentors on Twitter, InvestorsHub, and from whatever literature on trading that I happen to find. Unlike those who live and die by the chart, I suggest that price movement from positive or negative press, in the form of reported revenues, acquisitions, debt agreements, and so on, will in most cases distort the patterns that we expect to see by studying charts. Therefore, any technical "theses" on here will always be couched by considering company performance. Many of these will be published on TradingView, which is an excellent resource for tools on trading just about anything.

As always, there is no substitute for doing your own research, and exploring markets, companies, and management teams on your own --- so do not look at anything posted here as a recommendation to buy or sell. I am NOT a Financial Consultant and I do not profess to know the future. Everything posted here is my opinion only, and is a reflection of my passion for playing the game.

I hope that you find this resource useful! If you do, and you would like to help me keep this website running, then I will soon be accepting donations through e-transfer and cryptocurrency wallets. I am also open to having several other voices on here, so if you would like to contribute an article, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to review it, post it, and credit your submission.

Thank you for reading! 🙂